Preston Trail President Note

NataieAs my time as Preston Trail President comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on some of the accomplishments and future goals of our Chapter. I officially became a member of Preston Trail back in 2008 and immediately felt welcomed by the members and their hospitality and willingness to find various ways to get me involved. The first role that I took on was updating our monthly newsletter that we used to print/email to folks – although this was a small role, it provided me an opportunity to get involved in the Chapter and provided a foundation for my relationships and passion for serving TSPE locally. Since then I have served in various roles in the Chapter and am grateful to have been a part of molding our Chapter to what it is today. As busy professionals, it is easy for us to get tied up in the day-to-day work that we do but as engineers I feel we have an obligation to promote, protect, and uphold the integrity our profession… I do this through my involvement in TSPE.

This past year, I am extremely proud of some of our recent accomplishments:

  • Increased discussions and communications by our Preston Trail State Director, Jeff Frison, P.E. to keep members up to date on what is happening at the State and National level.
  • Continued success in our Regional MATHCOUNTS Competition and the amazing schools, coaches, and students that we are able to host.
  • Awarding $3,000 in grants to local high schools for use in programs targeting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
  • Improvement in our partnership with the TSPE Dallas Chapter in the planning and execution of our annual Engineer’s Week Banquet where we are able to award an outstanding Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year.
  • Increased participation by our membership in State-led events such as “PE Day at the Capitol”
  • Implementation of new Chapter social events throughout the year to provide additional opportunities for networking.

NSPE-TX_Preston Trail Chapter logo 2016-blue-81These accomplishments would not be possible without the commitment of our board members, committee chairs, and various volunteers serving the Chapter.

As we transition leadership in our Chapter over the coming months I would make a call for more folks to consider getting involved. We will continue to do good things, but new ideas come from new minds. Our members and guests are busier than ever in these strong economic times – How can we better keep folks engaged in issues that affect us? How can we continue to increase our commitment to our local future engineers? How can our Chapter help to better grow young engineers professionally? These are obviously open-ended questions, but I would encourage you to think about them. TSPE recently adopted new core values to align with those of NSPE: Champion, Guide, Advance, and Unite. Every single one of these core values can be applied to the great work our Chapter and TSPE will continue to do, but those values are all initiated by people and not by any organization, company, or group.



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