Preston Trail Board Planning

The new Preston Trail Board met yesterday to brainstorm ideas and improvements for the Chapter.

2016Board Planning

2016-2017 TSPE Preston Trail Board Retreat (6/30/16)

Some of the items discussed include:

  • More strategic monthly speakers focusing on professional development, area growth, and local issues.
  • Increasing the number of Chapter/Member events outside of our monthly luncheons (e.g. Community outreach, social events, etc.).
  • Continuing to focus our involvement on STEM initiatives through volunteer events and grants.
  • Providing increased opportunities for members to get involved in the Chapter.
  • Further promoting the benefits and necessity of becoming a member of NSPE/TSPE.
  • Further increasing the success of our two largest programs, Mathcounts and Engineer’s Week.

Do you have any ideas? Let us know!

We look forward to a great year ahead and are excited for some of the upcoming opportunities.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend everyone!

Nick Ataie, P.E., TSPE Preston Trail President


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